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// let nothing come between you and the earth

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Tigers are silent hunters. You won't hear them coming until it's too late.

Name: Tora, aka Tiger-sama
Post: Guitar, Alice Nine
Bond: 秘密
Home: where the heart is
Hobby: chasing squirrels up trees
Alts: Xepacna, Sitta

Oh yeah, and since this journal is friends only, have the obligatory banner:

I miss you, otousan. I will keep your words in my heart for the rest of my days.

[RP journal only; no connection to the real whatsoever]

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akiya, alice nine, born, d=out, guitar, kagrra, keiyuu, kra, kuina, life, love, madao, masasaby, miyavi, music, naoki, peace & smile music, peace and smile music, players, ps company, psc, psc indies, purikuri, rice puff, royz, salad ham, screw, sug, the gazette, the tokyo high black, tomorrow joe, visual kei, world of warcraft, ガゼット, 雅-miyavi-

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